Here Is Why You Should Opt For Dental Bridges Over Implants

Dental Bridges- Fixing The Missing Teeth The Right Way When restoring a missing tooth, sometime in response to a dental emergency, dental bridges are undoubtedly the best option. Dental bridges are often the preferred option for patients seeking cost-effective restorative methods because they are less invasive than implants and more aesthetically pleasing than partial dentures. […]

Step-By-Step Guide To Tooth Extraction

Extracting Teeth: A Step-By-Step Guide Tooth extraction is the final effort to save your failing oral health caused by severely damaged teeth, dental trauma or dental crowding. Dentists work on saving every tooth they can. Nonetheless, tooth extraction is the only option if the damage is beyond repair or the pain is unbearable. This article […]

Gum Inflammation: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

What Is Gum Inflammation? If you notice that your gums are sensitive, painful, and bleeding, you may be suffering from gum inflammation – a dental emergency that requires immediate medical attention. It goes without saying that healthy gums contribute greatly to oral health. Without treatment, these tissues can bulge out, obscuring your teeth and causing […]

6 Types Of Dental Restoration Techniques Popular In Chennai

Dental Restorations: An Essential Preventative Care As a preventative oral care treatment, restorative dentistry is rapidly gaining popularity in Chennai. Not only do dental restorations help you regain your confidence, but they are hassle-free and cost-effective methods of restoring your damaged teeth. There are a variety of techniques for restoring teeth that vary with the […]