6 Types Of Dental Restoration Techniques Popular In Chennai

A patient getting her teeth restored at a dental clinic.

Dental Restorations: An Essential Preventative Care

As a preventative oral care treatment, restorative dentistry is rapidly gaining popularity in Chennai. Not only do dental restorations help you regain your confidence, but they are hassle-free and cost-effective methods of restoring your damaged teeth. There are a variety of techniques for restoring teeth that vary with the level of damage. The following article discusses six popular dental restoration methods that can be used to repair your damaged teeth.

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What Is Dental Restoration?

Dental restoration refers to the different methods that dentists use to replace or reconstruct missing teeth or parts of the dental structure. Most dental structures are damaged by tooth decay, tooth fractures, or other dental emergencies and anomalies with previous restorations. Dentists use restoration techniques to prevent additional damages.

While many restorative treatments are available today, the ones mentioned below are the most popular. Let’s take a deeper look.

6 Types Of Dental Restorations

Dental fillings

Fillings are prevalent restorative dentistry treatments used to fill in decayed areas of the tooth that cause cavities. Dental fillings are made from durable materials, and when done correctly, they can function like an original tooth.


A crown can be used to restore a damaged, cracked and decayed tooth. Crowns are tooth-shaped caps used to cover damaged teeth, which help restore their beauty, strength, and structure. The use of tooth-coloured crowns provides a natural appearance.

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Dental bridges are used to replace missing teeth. In bridges, fake teeth are placed perfectly over the area where a tooth is missing and are held in place by crowns on the adjacent teeth. Patients can achieve a more pleasing smile by having bridges placed over the missing teeth.

A tooth restoration work in progress at a dental clinic.


Implants are a popular way to replace missing teeth. The implants are placed with the assistance of metal screws that serve as roots. They do not require any carvings or crown installations and look just like natural teeth. A tooth-coloured implant is virtually undetectable.


Veneers are a great alternative to braces because they can eliminate time consuming and complicated procedures that would have been required to correct the misshapen teeth otherwise. They are semi-transparent shells that bind teeth and improve their appearance. Veneers are used to restore crooked, misshapen, broken or chipped teeth.

Root canal

Dental fillings are not enough to restore a badly decayed tooth. In a root canal procedure, decay from the affected area is removed, and the canals are filled in with compounds like Gutta Percha. After the inlay or outlay has been added, a crown is added on top to restore the tooth’s visual appearance and strength.

Key Takeaway:

Dentists usually choose the least invasive and most durable restoration method for each patient. You should consult with your dentist to determine the best method for restoring your dental structure. Continue Reading. Don’t forget to check out our other posts about tooth extraction and dental bridges.

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