Health Benefits That You Can Enjoy If Your Creative

You would have noticed people who do things differently. They are creative people who think and uniquely execute ideas. You can also witness creativity in particular people who take up certain pursuits like writing, dancing, drawing, etc. Are you one such person who is creative and imaginative in your works? Here is good news for […]

Australia To Export Walnuts To India

Walnut is one of the dry fruits, which offer lots of health benefits. Walnuts are grown in many countries, and Australia is one among them. Recently, India and Australia have decided to allow the entry of Australian walnuts to the Indian market. Australian Agriculture Minister, David Littlepround said that two countries had signed a deal […]

Native Rice Varieties Are Back In Tamil Nadu

There are lots of good things happening in the field of agriculture, which remains the country’s backbone. R. Yuvansenthilkumar, who has obtained post-graduation in organic agriculture, has been instrumental in bringing back the native rice varieties of Tamil Nadu. Hailing from the place near Modakurichi in the state of Tamil Nadu, Yuvan used to grow […]

What are the new benefits of RERA act and what does it cover?

Every person would dream of purchasing a home. But it is not possible for all person to purchase their dream home. The prices are high compared to income rates. In addition to this issue, every builder or developer has their own norms. They did not follow any standard practices when it comes to constructing and […]