Strategies That Would Help For Agriculture Studies In Civil Service Exams

One should clear the civil service exams to become an IAS, IFS, and IPS officers. It is not easy to crack the exam, and you have to clear the prelim and Main exams conducted by the UPSC. Covering the vast syllabus and choosing the optional subjects for the main exam are the most significant challenges faced by the IAS aspirants. Agriculture studies can be chosen as an optional subject for the mains exam for students who have studied biology in their college. Educational experts suggest students take up agriculture as an optional subject so that they can score good marks.

The experts of Chinmaya academy lists some of the strategies that would help students to prepare and score well in Agriculture studies.

Why Choose Agriculture Studies?

Students would be confused about choosing the optional papers for appearing for the Main exams of the civil service exams. It is said that students can score better in Agriculture studies compared to other subjects. The syllabus of agriculture studies is limited; this helps students to cover the syllabus well ahead before the exam. As the curriculum is less, you get sufficient time for preparing for the other subjects of the Main Exam. Experts and students who have cleared the main exam proclaim that agriculture is an easy subject. It is said that direct questions are asked from this subject and this makes it easy for the students to answer the questions.

If you’re clear with the concepts and facts about the subject, then you can very well score good marks in this paper. There are several success stories of IAS toppers who have scored good marks in Agriculture studies. It is effortless to score 60% with this subject, and it is highly recommended to choose agriculture as an optional subject so that you can concentrate on General studies papers.

Who Can Choose Agriculture Studies?

IAS aspirants from a diverse background can choose this subject. Engineering students and students with Science background can very well take up this subject. It would be an added advantage for Botany and Zoology students as they would find it easy to score good marks in this optional subject.

Preparation Strategies

It is not possible to score good marks in the Agriculture studies of the civil service examination without following a Plan, Prepare and Perform written in bold with check box and red colour pencil.proper strategy. You have to be aware of the UPSC Mains Agriculture syllabus well ahead. Check if there are any changes in the syllabus from the previous year. Every year UPSC updates the syllabus so make sure to know the changes. You have to choose the right reference books for preparing for the Agriculture subject of the Main exams. Some of the most recommended books for agriculture studies are

  • Plant breeding principles and methods-B.D Singh
  • Plat Physiology-V.K Jain
  • Plant Pathology-P.D Sharma

You have to devise a study plan for preparing for the Agriculture subject. Make sure you allot a few hours for studying Agriculture studies along with other subjects. You can get the advice of IAS toppers who have taken this subject as their optional subject. Their advice would be of great help.

Hope the above inputs offered are useful for IAS aspirants.

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